Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser

Going onto the internet has become second nature. There are some who were not born into a time when this was not a possibility. It is as natural to them as using a telephone or switching on a television set. Yet, much like the television set, there was a generation that did not know this type of technology, and when it was introduced to global society, it revolutionized our lifestyles forever, and there was just no looking back after that. Currently, there are a few web browsers out there which can be used to access the internet. However, the very first one which came onto the market was the internet explorer.Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser history of internet explorer browser Who can forget that iconic blue e – the trademark we all became so familiar with. This browser was developed by Microsoft and could initially be used with either Microsoft windows or apple mackintosh, making its use broad and accessible. Proving just how accessible it is, is the fact that there are also mobile versions available. The beginning of this web browser was back in the year 1997 when it was initially released. This version was capable of being downloaded from the internet at no cost. During this period of time, a legal action was brought against Microsoft by the united states department of justice. The allegation was basically that they wanted to monopolize the market and that they did not want to create space for other web browsers to develop and grow. To prevent the company from being taken down Microsoft came to a settlement agreement with the department of defence. The browser was continuously modified with new features being added to it. The idea was to reduce the occurrence of malware and in so doing, to provide the user with better protection. One of the improvements made for example, was the pop up blocker, which had the purpose of blocking pop ups and of preventing accidentally installing software. During 2005 Microsoft made an announcement that they would no longer be support the web browser for the apple Macintosh. During these periods of time internet explorer dominated the market and there were not really any other web browsers in usage. In fact, it is fair to say that the internet explorer became synonymous with the internet itself. This position of global domination started to change from 2006 onward. The power that internet explorer had in the global arena began to reduce. New improved versions were still being released, and it was renamed the windows internet explorer. The product was redeveloped in such a way that it could stand on its own, and not just as a component of the windows fraternity. Due to increased competition, Microsoft had to add something new to its product to win the race. They aimed to make the product simpler and easier to utilize than the other products on the market. To this end, they added various upgrades and tools to the product. It became possible for example to literally pull away tabs from a window (as though you were actually pulling it physically) and then to “drag” them to make new windows. However, these ideas were not completely new as many of the other products could already do the same thing.

If you want to set your homepage on Explorer 6,7 or 8 than this is for you.

Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser internet explorer set default page step1

Find The gear icon and click on it.

Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser internet explorer set default page step2

Once you have clicked on the gear icon than click internet options.

Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser internet explorer set default page step3

Go to the General tab, once there simply fill in the homepage box with the URL of your choice. And you are done!

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