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Welcome! This site is designed to help you choose and use a search engine effectively.

It may sound surprising to you but the fact is that many people do not know how to make Google their home page. We also found that there is surprisingly little information on how to accomplish this relatively important task. Another challenge we face is deciding which browser to use as there are literally hundreds of browsers available to the public today, so trying to make a choice and then customizing the browser to suit your specific needs can be a challenge. Our site is designed to help you make the right choice for you and then customize that choice to suit you perfectly. Many people today enjoy great benefits from using Chrome – owned by Google. If Chrome appeals to you then it seems like a logical thing to make Google your default search engine and homepage.  Let’s discuss important aspects of search engines. Personally, I prefer a search engine that is not cluttered and that is not full of advertisements. I also prefer a search engine that allows me to search instantly when I want to search for something. Some search engines bombard the user with silly adds and news articles that are of absolutely no interest to them! Who needs that?! I like something like Google Chrome – a browser I can open quickly and simply start searching. Not only do I get relevant search results but the speed is good and I can be on the right page within a matter of seconds.Make Google My Homepage Just How Big Is Google 300x237
Below you will find Step-By-Step Instructions on how to make Google your homepage on Chrome. Perhaps you are like me – after a clean homepage that produces extremely relevant results. You will find that Google is an absolute pleasure to work with. For thousands of people around the world for the Google search engine is an invaluable tool an open gateway to the world and it is a home base from which to start your search. Did you know that Google dominates the search engine listings with 92% of searches being made through Google! The rest are picked up by the small players like Bing and Yahoo. Even though Google’s main feature is that of a search engine there are many options and features that make it an indispensable tool!


When using Google chrome:

  • you will want to go to the top bar and
  • select the button on the top right corner,
  • then select tools,extensions,
  • Or with the new version of Chrome you can click on the spanner icon
  • From there you scroll down and click on the search option
  • hover your mouse button over the search engine tab and enter your preferred search engine, which would be http://www.Google.com
  • Select your preferred search engine click save and bam! Your done.


  • Make Google My Homepage chrome set default page step2

Make Google Your Homepage Of Choice With The Opera Mini Browser

If you are trying to Make Google My Homepage With The Mini Opera Browser on your phone or tablet – then follow the instructions below. First though, lets look at the history of Opera Mini. The Opera web browser was first stated in 1994 by a Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor.Make Google My Homepage Make Google My Homepage With The Opera Mini Browser  The latest version currently runs onMicrosoft Windows and OS X operating systems and is obviously free of charge to use. According to the company’s stats the browser had a total of three hundred and fifty million users worldwide and two hundred and seventy five million users on mobile versions this year (July 2014).

Usability features

The Opera mobile search engine has quiet a few unique features available to the user. These include built-in tabbed browsing, bookmarks, add-on’s bar and a download manager. Also quite like Google Chrome, it has a thumbnail “Speed Dial” which allows users to add an unlimited number of pages for the purpose of being able to speed up the browsing process. When Opera Turbo is enabled it allows quicker browsing for mobile phones by shrinking the web pages down to 80% (obviously depending on content) before sending it through to the user. This feature is particularly important for users with a slower internet speed or when mobile data cost or browsing speed is a problem.

The device has arrow keys. These arrow keys are then to be used for scrolling. The number keys are also used for scrolling. The display can be viewed in either landscape mode or portrait mode. Basically you can toggle between the two. You can toggle between the two by keystrokes. If the phone has an orientation sensor, then the landscape will switch automatically. You can change the default orientation on the phone. There are also options in respect of image quality. Image quality can be set to either high or low, or medium. The image quality setting that you choose will definitely affect the time it takes for the page to load onto your phone. The higher the quality you choose, the longer the page will take to load. There is only one font which opera mini supports. This font can be set to different sizes. You can adjust the font to either small, or medium, or large. There is also a font option of extra large. It doesn’t matter if the webpage you go to uses different fonts, you will only be able to view it in a generic font. The generic font is monospaced. Opera mini has a searchbar. The searchbar can use a multiplicity of pre-configured search engines. If required, the user has the option of adding more search engines. The default search engines that come as part of the package are google and Wikipedia. There are various capabilities supported by opera mini. For instance, opera mini supports shortcut keys, opera mini supports skins, it supports a web feed aggregator. Opera mini can also save bookmarks. It can download files. Opera mini can save webpages which is very useful for offline reading. This can save you data and money. You simply save your page and read it later, without having to pay costs of using the internet. Opera mini also remembers the browsing history of the user.  Since opera mini 4 was released, the layout engine used, is the same layout engine as used for opera 9.5. This means that opera mini has the capability to support most of the web standards that are supported in opera 9.5. Opera mini does not support web forms 2.0. This is where opera mini differs from the desktop version. Opera mini reformats web pages. The result of this is that frames get flattened. There are bandwidth issues and memory issues as well. these cause dashed borders to get displayed as solid borders for example. Opera mini has the capability to support bi-directional text. This means that it can display scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew, scripts which run from right to left. The old opera mini 3 basic is still available. It has various features, which include an option to increase a text size. It does not support a full page view. There is no built in clock. It does not support encryption (as explained above).

Security Features

Opera Mini is up to standard when it comes to secularizing their asset and keeping customers happy. One security feature is that of giving the option to delete private data such as cookies, history, cache memory and passwords with a click of a button. It also allows users to erase personal data after browsing on a shared or public computer. It also gives you information on sites you visit – like whether they are secure or not. It does this by displaying a security badge in the address bar and includes details such as security certificates, phishing and malware risk and gives you a warning if such risks are encountered. Another nice add-on is the fact that the company maintains a public forum where security flaws and other gremlins can be exposed and sorted out.

Opera mini 3 advanced takes the connection between the mobile device and the proxy server and it encrypts the connection. This is done as a security measure and as a means of privacy. How do you obtain the encryption key? The encryption key is obtained by requesting that the user must press random keys on a particular number of times. This encryption key is obtained on the first start. The opera mini 3 version does not have the capability of encryption. The security of opera mini has however been open to much criticism. The main criticism is because it does not offer pure and end to end security. This is the case when you visit sites such as paypal. If you visit an encrypted webpage, the page gets decrypted by the opera software company’s servers. They then re-encrypt the page themselves. This is the thing that breaks end to end security. It is a security risk and should be taken into account when you are using such applications as internet banking.

  • Load Opera, if you don’t have it than you can find  and download it free of charge here
  • Click the plus icon to start up a new book-marker
  • Enter the address of your desire, like Google.com
  • And you should be done once you complete the process.

Opera mini is a unique web browser. It is designed specifically for mobile phones and for smartphones. It also works well with personal digiatal assistants. There was a web browser called opera, and the opera mini was derived from this web browser. Opera mini was first introduced in the year 2005. The pilot project was in co operation with a television station from Norway and was initially only available to the customers of this television station, tv 2. A beta version of this browser was put on the market. It was made available in various countries. These countries included Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and also Finland.

So it was made available across these European countries. A final version was then launched in Germany in 2005. Thereafter, it was released quite quietly to many countries, simply via the Opera website. The browser was officially launched and released internationally in the year 2006. Opera mini 2, which came out in 2006, included many new features. It had the ability to download files. There were more search engine options available. There was a speed dial option. There were new search engines and improved navigation. There were also new custom skins. In the computer literacy vocabulary, skins refers to visual styles. Opera mini 3 also arrived in 2006. This came with secure browsing. There were also now RSS feeds. There was photograph uploading.

There was content folding. All these capabilities had now been added to its list of features. In 2007 Opera Mini 4 was released. Johan Schon, who was then the technical lead of Opera Mini development, said that the whole code for opera mini had been rewritten. The 4 version of opera mini included the capability to view web pages in a way similar to a desktop browser. The user could use a built in pointer to zoom in to see clearer images. Google was the default search engine initially, but a partnership with Yahoo was soon announced. A version for android phones was announced in 2008.


Make Google Your Default Search Engine With Google Chrome 

 Are you wondering  how to change your homepage on Google Chrome?Make Google My Homepage Make Google Your Homepage With Google Chrome New Version

  1. Firstly go into your browser and type in the URL of your chosen homepage.
  2. Highlight and select the URL. http://yourchosenhomepage.com
  3. In the far right on the browser window is an icon titled customize and control Google Chrome, Click on it.
  4. Go to settings and appearance and then click to tick the button “Show homepage button”.

Make Google My Homepage set my homepage chrome settings You will then click on the “Change” button then , “Open this page”. Add the URL that you copied in step one, or just type the URL you want to set as your homepage.   Make Google My Homepage set my homepage setpage Click the OK button to make the needed changes. And You’re Done! Once completed click OK and exit the setting window Now every-time you click on the little spanner icon on the top right corner it will take you to  your URL.

Google Chrome History

By now we have all heard of Google chrome! It is an essential part of so many people’s lives on a daily basis, all over the world. It is an internet browser, and it is reported to be one of the most popular web browser’s in current time. But where did it all start? To answer that question we have to step back in time all the way to the year 1998. It was just before the start of the new millennium. A time when the world was wildly discussing the Y2K bug and we were all waiting for the year 2000 to arrive. There was such buildup – people expecting planes to come dropping out of the sky when computer systems failed. Google chrome was released in the year 1998, just two years before the new millennium and it is connected to the Windows fraternity of technology.
It is a web browser of note.

 True, there are many web browsers available to internet users today but Google chrome is the leader. Why? The statistics speak for themselves. Statistics reveal that Google chrome boasts a user percentage of forty three (that’s 43% of people internationally choose Google chrome above any other web browser). This is an impressive statistic. How did it all begin? Initially, there were key role players in the Google company that did not support the idea of Google chrome. In fact, they did not support the idea of a stand alone web browser at all. Just because the market at that time was so competitive. However after the product was developed by leading brains in the industry, even the naysayers had to re-think their negative stance and change their minds in favor of launching Google chrome. The product just proved itself to be so good that they would have been foolish to say no to it. The release of this product was set to be fun and interesting. The developers planned to uncover Google chrome via a comic strip which they intended to send out to journalists covering the breaking story.The initial release made the product available in a multitude of languages (it is reported that it was created in forty three languages to start). The first hiccup encountered with this product was uncovered by a news agency. It seems that there was a clause in the terms of service that gave Google the rights to any and all content which was transferred using the browser. Naturally this created a furor but Google responded swiftly calling it an oversight and they promptly removed the unwelcome clause. After the release they had a very low share of usage, being stuck at less than one percent. Improvements to the product were released in 2009 and 2010. By 2014, the Google chrome product was the default browser for a multitude of new products. Again, many new improvements were made to the product. One of the things Google addressed was to make the product more suitable for business use. They modified the way the product would run in a business environment. An example of the modifications they made is updates that are automatic. They also made it possible to shift around flaws in the design of the windows products. And the rest as they say, is history.

Make Google Your Preferred Homepage With Internet Explorer Browser

If you want to set your homepage on Explorer 6,7 or 8 than this is for you.Make Google My Homepage history of internet explorer browser

  • Find The gear icon and click on it.
  • Once you have clicked on the gear icon than click internet options.
  • Go to the General tab, once there simply fill in the homepage box with the URL of your choice. And you are done!
If you want to set your homepage on Explorer 6,7 or 8 than this is for you.

Make Google My Homepage internet explorer set default page step1

Find The gear icon and click on it.

Make Google My Homepage internet explorer set default page step2

Once you have clicked on the gear icon than click internet options.

Make Google My Homepage internet explorer set default page step3

Go to the General tab, once there simply fill in the homepage box with the URL of your choice. And you are done!

Internet Explorer History

Going onto the internet has become second nature to most of us. It is as natural to teenagers today as using a telephone or switching on a television set is to the rest of us. Yet, much like the television set, there was a generation that did not know this type of technology, and when it was introduced to global society, it revolutionized our lifestyles forever.There was just no looking back after that. Currently, there are a few web browsers out there which can be used to access the internet.

However, the very first one which came onto the market was the internet explorer browser. W
ho can forget that iconic blue “e” – the trademark we all became so familiar with. This browser was developed by Microsoft and could initially be used with either Microsoft windows or Apple Mackintosh – making its use broad and accessible. Proving just how accessible it is – is the fact that there are also mobile versions available. The beginning of this web browser was back in the year 1997 when it was initially released.

This version was capable of being downloaded from the internet at no cost. During this period of time, a legal action was brought against Microsoft by the united states department of justice. The allegation was basically that they wanted to monopolize the market and that they did not want to create space for other web browsers to develop and grow. To prevent the company from being taken down Microsoft came to a settlement agreement with the department of defense. The browser was continuously modified with new features being added to it.

The idea was to reduce the occurrence of malware and in so doing, to provide the user with better protection. One of the improvements made for example, was the pop-up blocker, which had the purpose of blocking pop-up’s and of preventing users from accidentally installing software. During 2005 Microsoft made an announcement that they would no longer be support the web browser for the Apple Macintosh.

During these periods of time internet explorer dominated the market and there were not really any other web browsers in usage. In fact, it is fair to say that the internet explorer became synonymous with the internet itself. This position of global domination started to change from 2006 onward. The power that internet explorer had in the global arena began to reduce. New improved versions were still being released, and it was renamed the windows internet explorer. The product was redeveloped in such a way that it could stand on its own and not just as a component of the windows fraternity. Due to increased competition, Microsoft had to add something new to its product to win the race. They aimed to make the product simpler and easier to utilize than the other products on the market. To this end, they added various upgrades and tools to the product. It became possible, for example, to literally pull away tabs from a window (as though you were actually pulling it physically) and then to “drag” them to make new windows. However, these ideas were not completely new as many of the other products could already do the same thing. So that’s a little bit of background but now follow these steps if you’d like to make Google your home page:

How To Change To Google As Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, or Firefox as it is simply known, is free and an open source software that is developed for OS X, Windows operating systems and Linux including a mobile version or android. Firefox uses Gecko-layout engine to render its webpages and is by all standards a modern and up-to-date browser. This is proven by the fact that between 12 and 22% of the world ( four hundred million users) use Firefox making it the 3rd most popular web browser. Make Google My Homepage Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox


Some of the features that make this an excellent browser are tabbed-browsing, smart bookmarks, private browsing, spell check, live book marking and a location aware browsing and an integrated search system that uses Google to localize browsing. Another feature, one which makes this open source browser very user friendly, is an environment for web developers where they can use built-in tools such as the error console or extensions such as firebug a development tool. Obviously the normal user will want to simply use the browser to do what it does best – browse.

What kind of features does Firefox have that makes it unique from other web browsers? Firefox is said to rely on what is called a robust extension system. This means that users of Firefox can modify the browser. They will do this according to their particular individual requirements. This then means that all the features of the browser do not have to be supplied in the standard distribution of the product. Pretty clever right? While it is true that Opera and Google Chrome can boast a similar feature, the truth is that since 2013, their extensions that they offer are less in number than Firefox.

It is also true that the well known internet explorer has an extension system, however it’s extension system is not as widely supported. There are developers with a multiplicity of browsers in their stable, and they more often than not support firefox. It is safe to say that sometimes firefox is the only browser they support. Another point to consider when assessing browsers is the protocol support and the question of the difficulty of adding new link type protocols. These are usually not capable of being well implemented with firefox. Firefox does however support web standards such as JTML, Javascript, DOM, XPath and so on. Firefox also has what is referred to as a quirks mode. Theirs tries to copy internet explorer’s quirks mode, but that really is the equivalent of using standards which are now obsolete.

It has also been noted that firefox does not support Active X controls. This is why sometimes web pages can be found missing certain features. Sometimes they do not work at all. But the reason why they don’t support active x is because of its potential security vulnerability. You can use a third party plugin to make active x work with firefox, but this does not always work. Sometimes it won’t work with a particular version or platform.


Firefox uses a sandbox security system witch limits scripts from repeated accessing data from websites. It also uses SSL/TLS technology to prevent disintegration of communication between web-servers, especially when using strong cryptography. Another interesting fact about Mozilla Firefox  is the fact that the company offers a 3000 USD  cash reward and Mozilla T-shirt to users who discover severe security flaws in the system. Many users have moved over to Firefox because of the fact that it generally has less security flaws than Internet Explorer. An example of this was a critical un-patched vulnerability in Internet Explorer that was not fixed for 284 days before a fix was found. Compare that to just nine days that Mozilla took to find and deploy a patch to remedy a similar problem.


So we all are well acquainted with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. That pictogram of the globe of the world being snugly hugged by a fiery fast orange fox is all too familiar. And why do we love Firefox Because it gets the job done. It makes using the internet simple and effortless. No long waiting and no hassles. But where did it all begin? Every great project usually started with nothing more complicated than a good idea matched with dedication and effort. Mozilla Firefox’s hailed as being the brainchild of two persons by the name of Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, and was borne as nothing more than an offshoot of the Mozilla browser.

The product was released to the world in the year of 2004, so that was quite a few years ago now. And of course, as we all know, prior to that it was the internet explorer that was more widely used. Firefox however, came into the picture and changed the internet stakes forever. New and improved versions of the product were then constantly being released. The 2004 release was followed up with releases in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The last version released came with a rapid release cycle. This envisions a major release every six weeks! The last version was released in 2014. The initial name used before release was Phoenix. This name was eventually changed because of a trademark dispute. The next name they picked was Firebird. This though, also was already borne by another software product. Pressure because of the name similarity caused them to change the name again.

And what a lucky thing as well, I can’t imaging “Phoenix” or “Firebird” being as popular as “Firefox”. The latter name is just perfect.  The name firefox was then registered with the United States patent office, to prevent the need for any further name changes.

Step 1.) Click on “Tools” as shown in the picture below:Or Click on the Firefox Icon, if you’re running the newer version.

Make Google My Homepage firefox set default page step1

Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox

Click on the item: Options

Make Google My Homepage firefox set default page step2

Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox

Step 2.) A dialog box will open as shown:
Make Google My Homepage firefox set default page step3

Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox

Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox
From this dialog box you simply set your homepage to Google or any other page you might choose. Then click “OK” and you are done!

Change To Google As Your Homepage With Safari

Is Apple’s Safari browser your browser of choice? Before you Make Google Your Homepage With Safari lets look at some finer details about this program. It is a browser that is developed by Apple Inc. and supports iOS and iOS operation systems.  Interestingly, all Apple Mac computers were released with Netscape navigator and Cyberdog web-browsers. Later they used Internet Explorer as part of a 5 year agreement with Microsoft. In that period of time Microsoft developed a special version of Internet Explorer for Mac. This was the norm until January 2003 when Steve Jobs announced that Mac had developed their own browser. Make Google My Homepage Make Google Your Homepage With Safari  It was first released on 7 January, 2003, for both Microsoft and Apple Mac. The Microsoft version however has been discontinued with last release for windows being on 9 May, 2012. As of August 2014, the Safari browser accounted for 3.7% of all web users, with the mobile version accounting for 1.7% of that traffic.


Some of the latest features include private browsing- a feature which enables the user to browse without any record of the users web activity being recorded. A similar feature is the “Ask websites not to track me” setting, the feature to email whole webpages by email straight from the browsing menu, the ability to keep book marks and then search for them and share tabs between Apple devices using iCloud.


Often browsers, such as Internet Explorer suffer from plugins that are potentially dangerous to the user. Apple updates a blacklist of all vulnerable plugins that might cause harm to the user. So far it has blocked successfully versions of flash and Java.   To make Safari your default browser, all you need to do is follow these instructions below.

Make Google My Homepage Set My Homepage On Safari 1

Make Google Your Homepage With Safari

Click on the little gear icon on the top right hand corner and then preferences.

Make Google My Homepage Set My Homepage On Safari 2

Make Google Your Homepage With Safari

Next to the homepage icon, all you need to do is type in your default web address, such as http://www.Google.com and you’re done!

How do I make Yahoo my Homepage?

It is a pretty simple thing to do and can be done on any computer, using any software. You simply change the internet homepage to the website of your choice, in this case, yahoo. Before we get into this article though, if you do not understand this article, please enter your problem into the suggestion box and send us email and we will be glad to help you out whatever the problem.

Make Google My Homepage Make yahoo my homepage 300x212 The steps you follow to change the default setting generally used on all browsers will depend on which you would like to use, but the differences in method are only very slight. So how simple is it to make yahoo my homepage? While there is no button that you can click that says “make yahoo homepage”, changing your settings is pretty much as easy as that.

If you wanted to know how to make yahoo my home page, just follow these easy steps:

We will start with the procedure you must follow if you are using Google Chrome as your web browser.

  • Firstly, select your internet browser on your desktop or start bar, and then open your internet browser. Simple, right. now that you have done that you need to go to step two.
  • Step two is to look into the upper right corner of your screen. In this corner you should see horizontal lines, there should be three lines to be exact. Do you see it?Right, click on it. A whole menu will drop down after you have clicked this “button”.
  • A variety of options will appear on the drop down menu. You are only looking for one specific thing, and that is the word “settings”. When you see this word appear, you need to click on it.
  • When you click on this the next thing you need to look for is “appearance” section. If you just follow this guide very closely you are bound not to get lost or confused. So did you find that, “appearance” section? Now look for the “button” that reads “show home”.
  • Next to the show home button there will be a box that appears. Underneath this box there will be a space.
  • Now you have to click on the button which says Change. This will be in the far right hand corner of your web page.
  • Now choose the button that says radio.
  • Click on the button that says open this page.  There will be a text box.
  • You need to enter the following web page URL into the text box: www.yahoo.com.

This will be your home page that will open every time you open your browser.

Once you have done this, you must click on the button that says OK, to make sure that the URL you enter has been saved, and voila. You have set yahoo as your default home page. See how easy that was?! Every time you need to search for something Yahoo will be selected as your home search page. Remember that this is the way to do it if you are using Google chrome as your web browser. If you are using a different application such as Firefox or Internet explorer then the procedure will differ slightly. However, it will not be difficult for you to find these instructions on the internet, on this site or even to figure it out yourself. If you are not familiar with your web browser you should definitely play around with it and get to know all the options available to you.

If you cannot come right please use our contact form and send us a mail and we will get back to you ASAP.

History of Yahoo (some of us like to know the history of products we use)

Everyone has heard of Yahoo. It is a name that is almost synonymous with the internet itself. It is associated with many people’s free mail accounts and email addresses for example. But where did yahoo come from and how did it become more then a household name and more than the general misconception that they do only mail accounts? Well It all started quite a few years back. The company and product yahoo is the brainchild of two graduates from the illustrious university of Stanford in America. They go by the names of Jerry Yang and David Filo. These two masterminds came up with the idea of yahoo way back in the nineties, 1994 to be precise. The idea of yahoo was born from a website that the pair created, a website with a different name than yahoo. They initially named their website Jerry and David’s guide to the World wide web. The following year however, that is to say in 1995, they renamed their new website yahoo, and they converted it into a web portal. What is a web portal you may be asking? Well, a web portal is a page on the internet, which brings together pages of different information from lots of different sources and is designed to help people find information when they need it. For Yahoo, this is where it all began. During the entire decade of the nineties the internet became a booming market and many billionaires were created due to the dot com boom.Make Google My Homepage Make yahoo my homepage 300x168

Yahoo was part of all this, and the company skyrocketed in success. During this period of time yahoo stock rose in value to unbelievable amounts. This was not unusual during the dot com boom and many people used this to make millions. Basically during this period of time, many technological advancements were taking place and investors had great confidence in the future of this new technology. So if you just added a dot com to the back of your companies name or a prefix e to your companies name, the stock would go up in value. However, this was not to last forever, and the dot com bubble soon burst (just after the year 2000). After having reached an all time high, yahoo stock now reached an all time low. Recently, yahoo had to dismiss almost two thousand employees due to dwindling profit margins. The company has also been plagued to find a new CEO after the co-founder and initial CEO Jerry Yang left the company in 2009. A string of CEO’s have since taken the reigns, with the current CEO being Marissa Mayer. Her curriculum vitae reflects that she is a former Google employee, and she has been with Yahoo since the year 2013. While yahoo stock is not worth as much today as it was worth back in the year 2000, the company is still alive and kicking, and still has a great service to provide to millions of people on a daily basis, globally. I for one am an avid user of the product, and I would recommend to anyone and everyone to set yahoo as homepage on your laptop or computer.


How to make MSN Your Search Engine

Make Google My Homepage How to make MSN my homepage

How To Make MSN My Homepage With Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a major player when you talk about browsers. If you want to make MSN your default browser with the Google Chrome browser then read on! So what you’ll want to do is open your Google Chrome browser to start off with. Once you’ve done that click on the spanner icon in the top right hand side of the browser window.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Google Chrome   Once you’ve clicked on the spanner icon a drop down menu will appear, Look for the options tab and click on it. This will open up a separate box.

Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Google Chrome 02

Now that you’re in the options box, navigate to the “Basics” tab.Once you’re in the basics tab look for “Home page” this is were you can add your preferred search engine of choice, which in this case will be MSN.com.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Google Chrome 03

 How To Make MSN My Homepage With Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is massively popular still and has earned a really good reputation and history. So you want to make it your homepage? Well then read on friend and you will find out more about this excellent product from Microsoft. So what you will want to do is obviously want to open your browser first. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Internet Explorer   So once you click on the gear icon then a drop down box will appear. Look for the “Internet Options” tab and click on it, Once youve click on it it will open a box up.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Internet Explorer02     You will be faced with a box with different tabs. Look for the tab that says General and click on it. It will then show you a homepage box like the one below where you can add your homepage URL.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN My Homepage With Internet Explorer 03

Making MSN Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox 

Mozilla Firefox is a big player and has managed to establish a good foothold in the online internet browser war.If you want to know how to change your search engine to MSN with Mozilla Firefox then read on! So to start open your browser and click on the Firefox tab to open the drop down menu.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox   Once the drop down menu appears look for the options tab. Once you’ve clicked on it it will open another box.Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox 02   Look for the General tab and click on it. Once you’ve done this you will be able to enter MSN.com as your preferred search engine of choice.

Make Google My Homepage How To Make MSN Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox 03

A Bit More About MSN

What is MSN? Well it stands for Microsoft Network, and as if that didn’t already explain it all, it is an internet service provider. So basically MSN is a portal into the internet. Linked to the product MSN is what is referred to as MSN messenger. This is an instant messaging service which is available to users. All you have to do to have access to it is to download msn messenger, it’s that easy. The best place to start to get this application is to go onto the internet and type in a search for msn messenger free download.  This is how fast and simple it is to have it right at your fingertips. But let’s look a little more into the history of MSN. As already mentioned, it is an internet portal.
But some of you may be wondering, what exactly is an internet portal? Well, the simple answer is that it is a composite of many other websites, a collection if you will, and it also offers various other services. The site came into existence during the year 1995, back when the internet was really booming and getting international exposure and recognition. Since its inception, the MSN basket of services offered to the public has changed quite a bit. In its infancy, it was a very popular internet service. At that time it was still an internet dial up service. It provided a springboard for many other Microsoft products. MSN promoted very well known services such as hotmail for example. MSN was one of the top twenty most popular domains on the internet, proving the extent of its success. Some of the services that MSN provides are, a service as an internet service provider, service as an internet portal, and various other services as well.

As mentioned, MSN was initially a dial up internet service provider. It was launched together with Windows 95, in August 1995. It came together with the windows software, and this was a way of promoting it, by including it in the package with other Windows products available at the time. How did Microsoft integrate the two? They offered product support and information through MSN. They also included titbits such as weather, general news, message boards, chat groups, and simple email capabilities through MSN. This helped its popularity to grow. In 1996 it was upgraded and promoted with advertisements and all kinds of promotional materials. An example of such promotional material was the CD-ROM sent out to subscribers. It showcased the MSN Preview. This video was interactive, and introduced subscribers to the new version of MSN. The video  was introduced by a host and various other characters representing the channels of MSN. It was presented like a television show and included interactive games. While the promotion was innovative, the product proved to be inaccessible to people who had a slow dial up connection. The new updated product also proved to be a bit unreliable and would end spontaneously and without cause at times. Because of a lack of success with this product, Microsoft came back with a more traditional service.

The 1997 version was not as interactive but was more user friendly, as the prior one seemed to be ahead of its time. Currently, MSN is a very exciting and fun website with lots of handy information. It is a great idea to make MSN your homepage for this very reason. It provides you with quick access to tons of handy information. There is weather on it, there is news on it, and there is lots of great links there too. So if you are tired of the same boring old homepage and you’re ready for new and fresh ideas on a daily basis, then simply say yes I will, yes I will make msn my home page. It is very simple and easy to do, and can be completed in a few quick steps.

The only tools that you will need to accomplish this simple task is your favourite laptop or computer and make sure that you have internet access. These days getting internet access is quite simple, it’s not nearly as complicated as it was back in the days of dialup access. If you have a permanent ADSL line then you should have constant internet access, but if you do not, you always have the option of a modem. A modem is a very handy mobile way of accessing the internet. It can be done anywhere, anytime, making it perfect for people who are on the go with their laptops. Once you’ve ensured that your internet connection is on, you can proceed to make MSN your home page. Remember, there will be a slightly different set of instructions to make MSN your home page depending on which browser you are using.Also if you need help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.Make Google My Homepage IE So opening your browser in Firefox will be different to say the Google Chrome browser or Internet Explorer. The following are the steps you must follow if you are using Internet explorer as a browser. The first thing you must do is to go to the MSN website. Once you have done that you click “tools” from the menu bar. Then you must select internet options. These options will appear on the drop down menu, so it is impossible to miss. Now that you have done that you can proceed to the next step. Now you must find the tab that reads “general”. Have you done that? Perfect. Next find the section that reads “home page”.

What you must do now is to click and highlight the home page that is on currently. How do you do this? You do this simply by placing the mouse icon inside the box and drag it along, this will result in the current home page being highlighted. Now you have to change the home page which is currently set. You do this by clicking on the “delete” key. So you have now deleted the current homepage and your next step is to change the home page of your choice, being the MSN homepage. This is very simple to do as you have already completed the hard part. Simply type in the MSN web address. Now click on the “OK” button and voila, you have saved your new MSN home page.it will now open as the MSN home page when you need it. If you require help on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you asap.

Other Google Products

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Google is not just a search engine. There are tons of products in the Google family that make people’s lives a little easier in so many different ways. The Google products have, in many areas of life, become indispensable. Can you think of a time when you couldn’t Google the answer to a question that suddenly occurred to you? Google has contributed vastly to the change of the social culture we find ourselves in today. Let’s have a look at some of the products in the Google family. To be specific, the Google range of products consists of the following: Web search, Google chrome, Mobile, Image search , News, Docs, Translate, Groups, Blog search, Scholar, Alerts, Code. Let’s look at each of the above products in a it more detail and examine how they work:

The traditional Google web search now packs more punch – the web search can be used to search millions, actually billions of web pages on the internet. Google’s search app has been modified in such a way that you can speak your question to the application and the application will be able to verbally answer you. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8. How it works is that the Google search bar has a microphone inserted into it. You simply tap the mic which you will find in the search bar and speak into it. It can also work on laptops and on desktops. If your computer does not have a built in microphone then it will also work with an attached microphone. What makes this very convenient is that you can search without having to type in the words. How often have you been in a situation where your hands are full and typing out your search criteria is a hassle. Now you can conveniently search anywhere, anytime. You could be in the kitchen cooking, shopping, driving, anywhere, anytime, your search can be conveniently and easily done. No hassles. Another great aspect of this type of search is that you can search for an answer even if you don’t know how to spell the words!!! If you’re anything like me you will find that most helpful. Once you have finished your voice search, you can audibly hear your answers – so no reading is necessary. That really frees you up to conduct searches no matter what else you are busy with. My wife used this app to do research the other day and she said it felt like she had a personal assistant. She was giving Google assignments while she was actually writing the article. This really facilitates multitasking.

 Trouble Shooting Guide

Unfortunately every now and then things don’t go as we plan and that’s why we need this troubleshooting guide. We will be adding different troubleshooting guides for the different browsers, in the near future. What if my homepage is still not Google? Try a few simple things and you should have success. Make Google My Homepage Trouble Shooting Guide 300x224

  • Go to your “add-on’s” section of the browser window and delete or disable any additional search engines, such as Babylon ETC – things that are not necessary to your normal browsing session. These will slow your browsing down and more than often will bring a host of other malware and viruses along with them. There are many different browsers but they are essentially all the same! So don’t worry to much – just delete.
  • Get a really good antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials or C Cleaner and run this to rid your computer of potentially harmful unnecessary viruses.
  • Go though all the things on your hard drive and delete anything that even remotely sounds like malware. If you are unsure Google the names you come across before deleting.




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