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It may sound surprising to you but the fact is that many people do not know how to make Google their home page and there is surprisingly little information on how to actually do this relatively simple task. On the Internet another complication that we find is that they are literally hundreds of browsers available to the public today, so trying to make a choice and then edit it to your own customization can be a challenge.  This is where this site comes in.This question will be answered here .Since Google owns Chrome it seems like a logical thing to make Google your default home page.Once you know how to go about this task you will find that it is not that hard to answer the question, how do i make Google my home page? Well, let’s look at the reason we use search engines personally I prefer a search engine that is not cluttered, that’s not full of adds, I prefer a search engine that allows me to search instantly if I want to search for something and doesn’t bombard me with silly adds and news articles i have no interest in.I like something like Google Chrome, a browser i can open and simply type in get relevant results and click to them in a matter of seconds.Make Google My Homepage Just How Big Is Google 300x237 Below Here are the Step By Step Instructions on how to make Google your homepage on Chrome'If you are like me then you will also feel that making Google your home page is a good idea. A clean homepage and extremely relevant results make this a pleasure to work with. For thousands of people around the world for the Google search engine is an invaluable tool an open gateway to the world and it is a home base for which to start your search. Lets not forget it's excellent companion Google Chrome! Did you know that Google dominates the search engine listings with 92% of searches being made through Google! The rest are picked up by the small players like Bing and Yahoo. Even though Google’s main job is that of a search engine, it still has many options that make it an indispensable tool!   When using Google chrome, you will want to go to the top bar and select the button on the top right corner, then select tools,extensions, Or with the new version of Chrome you can click on the spanner icon. From there you scroll down and click on the search option. Make Google My Homepage chrome set default page step2 hover your mouse button over the search engine tab and enter your preferred search engine, which would be http://www.Google.com you would  prefer and  Select your preferred search engine click save and bam! Your done.

So What Is The Best Search Engine

What are the benefits of the most popular search engines found today.
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You can search without going to Google.com using the URL input box.You can search without going to Google.com on tablet, mobile phone and computer, with full supportInternet Explorer does not have an omnibox or type in search bar.Has an Omnibox Search box on the right hand side of the browser.Firefox does not have an onmibox or type in search bar.Although there is an add-on that you can download.
Full support by Google, meaning that they probably one of the best.Fully supported by Opera Mini.Internet Explorer lacks support, picks up viruses and unwanted ad-dons.One of the better browsers, simple and clean.Full support and almost thousands of addons.
Make Google Your Homepage With Google Chrome New VersionMake Google My Homepage With The Opera Mini BrowserMake Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer BrowserMake Google Your Homepage With Safari Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox
Chrome DownloadOpera Mini Downloadhttp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/download-ieSafari DownloadFirefox Download
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Other Google Products

Google is not just a search engine. There are tons of products in the google family that make people’s lives a little easier, in so many different ways. The google products have, in many areas of life, become indispensable. Can you think of a time when you couldn’t google the answer to a question that suddenly occurred to you? Google has contributed vastly to the change of the social culture we find ourselves in today. Let’s have a look at some of the products in the google family. To be specific, the google range of products consists of the following: Web search, Google chrome, Mobile, Image search , News, Docs, Translate, Groups, Blog search, Scholar, Alerts, Code. Let’s look at each of the above products in a bit more detail and examine how they work: The traditional google web search now packs more punch – the web search can be used to search millions, actually billions of web pages on the internet. Google’s search app has been modified in such a way that you can speak your question to the application and the application will be able to verbally answer you. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8. How it works is that the google search bar has a mic inserted into it. You simply tap the mic which you will find in the search bar and speak into it. It can also work on laptops and on desktops. If your computer does not have a built in microphone then it will also work with an attached microphone. What makes this so very convenient is that you can search without having to type in the words. How often have you been in a situation where your hands are full and typing out your search criteria is a hassle. Now you can conveniently search anywhere. You could be in the kitchen cooking, busy shopping, driving, anywhere, anytime, your search can be conveniently and easily done. No hassles. Another great aspect about this type of search is that you can search for an answer even if you don’t know how to spell the words. And once you’ve done your voice search, you can audibly hear your answers out loud – so no reading is necessary. That really frees you up to conduct searches no matter what else you are busy with. So you can multitask, or do research for projects while you are writing up your project – like having an assistant helping you.

The Google Chrome Browser 

This is a web browser. It has been specifically built to be fast, simple, and secure. This product can be downloaded for iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. The great thing about google chrome is that you can search and search fast. In fact, according to the developers of this product, you can both search and navigate from the same box. This product is so fast that you will get results as you are typing in your search – this means you get to what you wanted and where you wanted in a quick tick. Perfect for the modern person who has no time to waste.  The beauty of this product is in its simplicity. It is just so simple and uncomplicated to use. You can open up an unlimited number of tabs, and then navigate between these tabs without having to open or close any of them. If you are using an iPad you can switch tabs by simply swiping the face from one edge to the other. If you are using an iPhone or in iPod touch then you can navigate through the tabs as though you are flipping or fanning a deck of playing cards. It’s really that simple and convenient. The browser has been streamlined to make it super simple to navigate. If you want to locate specific words then you must use the ‘find in page’ tab and scroll down to see what has been a match. If you sign in to Chrome, then you can have chrome on all your devices. It is also possible to browse the web anonymously. This means that you can browse without leaving a trace of your history behind. If you are using chrome on an android device you will be able to browse very fast. There is what is referred to as hardware accelerated page rendering and the result of this is that you can really fly through lengthy pages. Also, the pages will load very, very fast, so there is no frustrating waiting. The other great attribute is that you can search fast. So the two great things are that you can both browse fast and search fast. Again, you will be able to search and to navigate from the same box. As with iPhone's and i Pads you will get results as you are still typing in your search and you will not waste any time because your results will be ready in a fast snap. Using various Google products on your mobile phone – by means of the mobile tool you can get Google products directly on your cellular phone. This means that all those products that you love and find so indispensable are now even more conveniently available at your fingertips and while you are on the go. That’s right, all of these great Google products which are available on your laptop or desktop, can also be accessed conveniently from your cellular phone, making your life even more convenient. You can download great products such as Google maps, YouTube, Google plus, gmail, Google translate, and Google voice directly onto your mobile for ease of use. But what do all these products on your cellphone do for you? With gmail, you can send and receive emails to friends and family, or to work colleagues for professional reasons for that matter, you can send to anyone, anywhere in the world, within seconds.Make Google My Homepage Google Translate 150x150 With Google Translate you can translate words, phrases, and documents into a multiplicity of languages while you are on the go, right from your mobile phone. This could help you with assignments, communication while on holiday or business overseas, or just to learn a new language. With Youtube you can upload videos of your own, or view videos made by other youtubers right from your mobile.Make Google My Homepage YouTube 150x150 With Google Voice you can make international telephone calls at cheap, cheap rates. You can also send text messages absolutely free of charge, and best of all, with the google voice web, and your google number, you can get visual voicemail. Make Google My Homepage Google Plus 150x150 Google Plus is a social app, whereby you can keep in contact with people and events, anytime, anywhere in the world. Google Maps means that you’ll never get lost. You can simply type in your current address, and then your destination, and google will give you step by step directions, by verbal explanation, or by means of following the route on a map, whichever you prefer. You can do this while you are in the car on your way to your destination. Your results come through immediately and if you ever get lost, all you need is your cellphone and google maps. All of these great tools are available on your mobile phone, saving you time and saving you energy. Image search – you can use this tool to search for any images that are on the internet. This works alongside your normal google browser. All you do is go to the google website. On the website you will find an option for “web”, and an option for “images”. All you have to do is click on the tab that reads “images”. The browser will automatically set itself to search images on the world wide web. You then use the browser as you would to search for text. You type in your search criteria or question into the search box that appears on your screen. Alongside the search box you will find a little blue square with a magnifying glass in it. Click on the magnifying glass. Within a matter of seconds, your search results will pop up. You will get a list of images which match your search criteria. For example, if you type into the search box – “Eiffel tower” – then you will get a result of photographs of the Eiffel tower on the web. If you then go to the top of the browser and click on “web” – the same search results will be generated in text form. This means that a search will automatically be conducted for articles which reference the Eiffel tower. You could also try this tool for example, by typing in a celebrity name. The search will then generate tons of photographs of that celebrity. The search will be conducted on trillions of web pages and yields a great number of results, starting with the most relevant page results first, and then moving slowly downward to the less relevant results. News – you can search any news stories on the internet.  So google is not just good for searching random bits of information, but it is broken down into specialized search engines, making your searches even simpler, faster, and even more convenient. If you go to google.com and type in slash, news – you will find a list of all the top news stories in the world today. This website can be searched to find any news topics which are listed on the internet. This webpage has a column on the far right which lists the most popular news stories. On the far left of the web page there is a list of the top stories in the news world. This can be quickly squizzed to get an overview of what is happening in the world. In the centre of the webpage you will find short introductions to various top news stories. At the left hand side of the page there will be a photograph linked to each of the news stories mentioned, and on the right of the photograph will be an introduction to the story. If you want to read more about that particular story you simply have to click on the link. At the top of the page you will find a scroll down bar which allows you to pick which edition of the news page you want to read. There is an edition for every country. This means you will be able to read the top stories in different countries. You can also select your news view from a scroll down list offering you the option of modern, headlines, compact, or classic. At the very top of the screen you will find a search bar and a little magnifying glass. This will enable you to search the news pages for the story of your choice. With google news you will always be updated, and never be out of touch with what is happening anywhere in the world. Scholar – this is a way to search scholarly papers. The google scholar website looks just almost exactly the same as the website for the google browser. The website will have the word “scholar” on it so there’s no mistaking which version of the google web browser you are on. As per usual there will be a search box in the middle of the webpage. And at the far right corner there will be a familiar little blue box with a tiny white magnifying glass in it. At bottom of the webpage however, you will find the description “stand on the shoulders of giants” written in green. This is the logo of the google scholar webpage. Also at the bottom of the google scholar page you will find two options. The one option you can choose is “articles”, and the other option you can choose is “case law”. If you click on articles you will be conducting a search of articles available on the internet, whereas if you click on the case law option you will be conducting a search of available legal case law. If you type a country’s name or a topic’s name into the search box you will get an option on your results page to choose results for anytime, results since 2014, results since 2013, 2010, and so on. So you really do have the option of refining your search. Code – this contains developer tools and various other resources as well. This is the place to go if you are looking for Google tools and API’s. The perfect place to find developer documentation, and various resources, and a list of various events, and a list of various products is on google developers. The website you can go to for this is developers.google.com. What you will find is that there is such a thing as project hosting which is done via google code. It provides a very nice platform and environment for projects which are open source. Basically the environment that google code creates is an environment that is both free and collaborative. If you are unsure how it works you can simply click on the tab that invites you to “learn more about project hosting”. If you understand how it works and you would like to create a new project, then you can simply click on the link that reads “ create a new project”. There are a host of project labels which are listed on the site. You can click on any of the links to learn more about that particular project label. The project labels which are listed are as follows: Python, Java, CPlusPlus, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Mysql, Flash, Django, Rails, Dotnet, Jquery, Web, Plugin, Game, Database, Google, Android, Appengine, and GWT. At the top of the website there is a search box for you to conveniently conduct a search. Translate –  The google translate function is very convenient for students who are studying new languages. It is also useful to people who are traveling overseas and need to communicate with foreigners without delay. For example if you find yourself in Paris without knowing a word of French, a google translate function on your mobile will be far more handy than a multilingual dictionary. It certainly will be much faster and easy to use. You can translate any words, phrases, files, or even whole web pages into any one of 50 languages. It is also handy for scholars who want to translate entire texts and webpages for research projects, and so on. Docs – with this tool you can open documents, you can then edit them, or you can create documents from scratch. Groups – with this tool you can conveniently create discussion groups or create mailing lists. Blog search – this tool is to find blogs on your favourite topics. Again, this is a web browser which works much like the traditional google browser. It operates on the same principle for example, as google scholar. You type in your search into the search box and click on the magnifying class. It is just a refined way of searching, so you are only searching a specific type of document on the world wide web. This means the results that you will get will be faster and more specific and relevant to your search. Alerts – with this tool you can choose your topic, and you can then conveniently get email updates on your chosen topic.  

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